European Prize for young researchers in the field of
neurodegenerative pathologies leading to dementia 

Fondazione Gino Galletti Neuroscience Prize 2017

Bologna, 29th January 2018

The Scientific Committee of the Fondazione Gino Galletti, having considered the results of the peer review conducted
by the Committee of Judges on the documentation submitted by the applicants for the
“Gino Galletti Foundation - Neuroscience Prize 2017” has awarded the prize of € 10,000.00 to

Michela Pievani, PhD

for the paper “Brain networks stimulation in dementia: insights from functional imaging. Curr Opin Neurol 2016, 29:756–762”

The Committee expressed its appreciation of the quality and completeness of Dr. Pievani’s work, judging the topics of his publication highly relevant to the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Pievani will receive the Prize in Bologna, Italy, on March 23, 2018


Pics from the event: Prof. Raffaele Lodi (Director, University Department of  Biomedical
and NeuroMotor Sciences) greetings; Dr. Fiorenzo Albani lecture on Fondazione Gino Galletti 20 year anniversary; Prof. Rocco Liguori introducing the awardee seminar; Dr. Michela Pievani, prize winner, during her speech; Dr. Albani and Prof Gerardo Martinelli (Member of the Foundation Scientific Committee) deliver the prize to Dr. Pievani;  Prof. Lodi and Dr. Albani with the happy winner.
The  “Gino Galletti Foundation - Neuroscience Prize 2017” received 27 applications from England, Sweden, Nederland, and  Italy (many of the Italian applicants are working abroad...).
The Scientific Committee wishes to congratulate all the applicants for the high quality of their work.

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